Edouard LLONCH and LaMichael LEONARD JR are beyond excited as we approach the official launch of our e-boutique À commerce, peep this true story… While recently filming for TF1, the producer asked, “What’s the name of your brand?” We looked at each other with matching smirks and bright eyes. We hadn’t talked much about a brand name as we only titled the collection.



The original idea was to create a few interesting pieces to share as individual entities in a collaborative effort and not make yet another fashion brand; however, a few pieces quickly became a few more pieces and accessories. Then a commission for a dress that walked the red carpet of this years #festivaldecannes; wow, all without a brand name. Within a year, we found ourselves with a small collection of strong pieces, beautiful advertising and a bit of press to boot.



BICH: “You wanna expand on what we got?” MICH “I already got ideas for the next round. Hell yea!” By filming day, we tossed around only two brand name options as we thought we had time to think on it. The universe was like, un uh. In the midst of finalizing designs, sewing prototypes, getting the website up, making a catalog and everything in between; we get an amazing opportunity to show our work with TF1. Shifting into high gear, we prepped so hard for filming day, still without a brand name.



So, as the room watched with anticipation, we quickly agreed, shook hands and announced to the producer and the room… The concept: luxury, up cycled pieces that can be easily styled in multiple ways by the wearer for maximum individualization, hand produced in the French countryside. It would be our dreams come true if you all enjoy what we’ve made for you.

Logo ISH Paris